Please note: Sapiens is not a hotline or manned 24 hours a day. We are unable to respond to crisis calls or crisis emails.

If you need immediate help, please contact your GP or local crisis service providers.

The team at Sapiens specialise in providing supervision and consultation to individuals and teams working with clients who have severe and enduring complex emotional needs. Their work spans across the spheres of mental health, personality disorder, homelessness, domestic abuse and criminal justice.


Work within these spheres often involves containing, and working with, extremely complex and challenging dynamics which can result in traumatisation of the staff and difficulty within the team to process and objectively manage the powerful unconscious dynamics present. This can result in increased sickness within the staff team and splits within the wider team which adds another challenging element to service delivery and effective working.


A structured approach to management of support is beneficial for both the staff and their clients.


All supervisions are bespoke packages tailored to the individual or organisational needs. Contact [email protected] for further information

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Supervision/ consultation

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