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The team at Sapiens offer individual or group work to leaders within organisations. This is a bespoke package designed specifically for the individual or group of leaders involved. At consultation the central themes of the need, ethos of the organisation and desired outcomes are discussed and a unique package is designed and delivered accordingly. The packages are designed using the extensive experience and knowledge of leadership within the Sapiens team combined with their expertise in psychotherapy and working with people.


The aim of the leadership package is for leaders to enhance or develop their skills in creating and maintaining a working environment conducive to high quality functioning, wellbeing and performance of the staff team.


This involves exploring:


•The nature and quality of relationships in the team,

•The leaders self-awareness of which aspect of themselves they put into the team,

•A recognition and respect for different ways of communicating within the team

•A respect for boundary maintenance

•How to empower the staff team to constructively discuss the power and authority present in the organisation or team.


A core element to any leadership training by Sapiens is the exploration of the dynamic interplay between the four central elements present within all dysfunctional teams. This is Blame, Shame, Defense, and Destruction as seen in the diagram below.



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Each element and the interaction between them is explored in depth and strategies to interrupt the cycle are explored with the aim of developing a solid, well-functioning team.


To enquire further about leadership development for your organisation contact Sara at: [email protected]


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